About us


Southern Cross Consultancy and Recruitment (SCCR) is a Melbourne based independent, professional and private organisation. 

We provide placement solutions for individuals and couples needing aged care services and residential care, including dementia specific and respite care. 

Entering an aged care facility or finding one for your loved one is a highly complex process. It is often carried out at a difficult and stressful time. It is not only emotionally challenging but time-consuming and quite a difficult process to work through. Making the wrong decision could affect the comfort and quality of life of loved ones for many years. 

Although we are conversant with the residential aged care options in the region, we are not associated with any of them. This means you can benefit from our services while being assured that we are not an agency aiding aged care facilities to fill their beds. Instead, our sole aim is to find the right place for you, that suits your needs. Our staff understands the admission process of aged care facilities and we can make the transition into aged care a pleasant experience.

Our team

Our team has been in various roles in the aged care industry and understands aged care top to bottom. Be it providing direct care in aged care homes or senior management roles, we have done it all.  This diverse experience has given us the confidence and expertise to help you make the right choice of finding that perfect home, while getting the best financial outcome for you.